Monday, January 31, 2005

Shortly after the goat heart comment, Julie started laughing at the moon, which looked "gross", and we all started laughing at Julie for not being able to explain why. Turns out that sometimes, you just need to laugh!

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Julie: "We should get a Valentine's tree for the corner."
Daniel: "How about some roses?"
Jon: "Can I put a still-beating goat's heart on the floor?"


Bree and Julie: "No."
Jon: sighs, "Fine."

Thursday, January 27, 2005

out of the past... 

...comes this picture, from about a year ago, of the male goatlanders at the Super Happy Fun House:

Apparently the lighting was red.

Saturday, January 08, 2005


It turns out I was wrong about Steve having more shoes than Barnali. Barnali has 15 pairs of shoes, and Steve has 14 pairs. Oh well...

bday at asiasf 

Last night, to celebrate Bree's birthday, Goatland went to AsiaSF. If you ever want to understand what it means to be Californian, this is the restaurant you should go to. During the dinner, the ladies of AsiaSF gave lip-synched song&dance performances. My favorite was Everybody's Girl from the musical Steel Pier. Here's a gem of a line from it:

"I could never be a cowhand's girl.
And you wanna know why?
I just can't keep my calves together."

Anyhow, the performances were great as well as the food. Then, several of us took blow job shots from the laps of the ladies. Then, we had ice cream. Then, Bree got a free drink coupon since it was her birthday, and I got *two* free drink coupons since I had recommended the restaurant. We went downstairs to the dancefloor and had more drinks and danced for awhile. We spent a good amount of time experiencing the novelty of Bree's brother Jesse's hat. There was also a jar of condoms downstairs, and Steve sneaked condoms into several of our back pockets.

Bree is now in Mexico.

Bree, in conversation with her mother over Christmas:

Bree's Mom: "Jon should really get together with Julie."
Bree: "Yeah... not so much. Actually, Jon's managed to find an exact replica of himself, and he's dating her now."

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