Saturday, May 27, 2006

Côtes du Goatland 

We've always been proud of our goat tradition at Goatland -- we often try to bring in goat themes to things for no other reason than that out house has "goat" in the name. We have the Christmas goats, the goat X-ing sign, the meal with goat, goat milk and goat cheese and, of course, our favorite wines: Goats do Roam and Goat-Roti (which are great both because they have "goat" in the name and because, like me, they're South African.)

As some background, we're kind-of wannabe wine snobs -- we have two big wine racks and more wine than will fit in them, and we even took two quarters of Viticulture at Stanford, but in reality we wouldn't recognize the name of a major wine region in France if we heard it. That's why it was a bit of a surprise when, after he heard the name of our house, my father immediately suggested "You should drink Goats do Roam -- the wine named with the silly pun on Côtes du Rhône". Yes, it turns out Côtes du Rhône is a major wine region in France, with Côte Rôtie being one of the oldest vineyards. There's even a trademark dispute: http://www.decanter.com/news/47909.html

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

According to the local paper, Googlers boosted California's tax revenue by about half a billion dollars this year (responsible for 1/8 of a $4.3 billion increase). The average tax bill approaches what most people earn in a decade. Way to go Google, drinks are on me! And liquor licenses, roads, police, and schools are definitely on you! :-)

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