Sunday, May 30, 2004

Big news: in two mondays, Steve will be working at Google. This will be the third company he's signed up for in under a year :-)

Jon's sister Cassy is visiting for the weekend. While she is sleeping in Barnali's room, Barnali is out in Washington chilling with her parents in their new home.

Also, Jon has become the first resident to fall asleep on the couch, dreaming about doing a saucy song and dance number in front of a crowd of alums. Then, he grabbed one of the girls who was also dancing, and was possibly dressed up like a guy for the number, and waltzes her offstage, and tries to make out with her, but she's all like no because she's dating Scott Weiland, and then Jon was saying that Scott Weiland was a washed up junkie loser, but she persisted and so Jon said fuck it. Then he went to the hors' dourves table, and the lady serving was like "help yourself, the alums have taken off for downtown to dare eachother to eat wild and wilder food". So, Jon was chilling and eating, and then one of the other girls from the dance number was like, "Want to make some jazz?" and then the lady serving the hors' dourves chuckled, "I know what that means. hee." And then Jon's sister woke him up.

Also, Jon's sister refuses to sleep in despite Jon's protests.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Initial aquarium contents: 0
Added to aquarium: 11 fish, 4 plants
Removed from aquarium: 3 fish
Current aquarium contents: 8 fish, 4 plants, 1 snail

An update on our aquarium occupants:

Release Candidate 1, a gold gourami, got sick and died after a week. Cheapo, his blue replacement that cost less than $1, died when the heater broke. So did Norton, who we bought to eat the algae.

Release Candidate 2, the other original gold gourami, is still alive and was renamed Darwin after surviving the Deep Freeze.

We fixed the heater and bought five serpae tetras (Danny, Donny, Joey, Jordan, and Jon, collectively known as the New Kids).

Two guppies still need names. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Monday, May 24, 2004

For the curious, the Redwood City jury assembly room has wireless internet access but not cell coverage. Blogger and email have become my communication path to the outside world.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

fun with gmailswap.com:

Thanks to Nathan Heagy, we now have an official song!!!!!!

Here are the lyrics:


"And you say, and you sigh
and you wait, and you know
and you--where are you?
You're at the Goat House

Julie is there and Steve is there
They're at the Goat House
Daniel is there,
and Jon is in the Goat House

Bree is there,
and so is Barnali
The Goat House

I appreciate the objectification
at the Goat House
You will like all of the eskimo kisses
at the Goat House

There's a few Civics and maybe a Corolla
at the Goat House
But what you might not find is very many goats
at the Goat House

In the bay area
Looking very Scaria
The Goat House

Barnalinskimous is
Barnalinskimous is
Barnalinskimous is
Barnalinskimous is

At the Ghost House
I think I said ghost, not goat
Let me clear that up, it's a
Goat House not a Ghost House

It's a Goat House,
Goat as in ba, ba, ba,
ba, ba, ba, ba,
The Goat House,

Goat House,
Goat House,
Goat House,
Goat House,
Goat House,

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

An evil Jon takes credit for Barnali's first blogging attempt. Barnali uses his Jon's "email shortcut," and the post appears to originate from Jon, not Barnali.

Barnali Uses the Blog! 

In a bold move today, Barnali blogged for the first time ever! Goatland
residents are likely to be shocked by this incident. It remains to be
seen whether this is a one-time action, or the beginning of a new era of

Sunday, May 16, 2004

Bree: "How much vodka is in there?"
Daniel: "I don't know."

Saturday, May 15, 2004

"I very much pulled a Daniel last night by falling asleep." - Barnali

Friday, May 14, 2004

We've had our first parent spend the night - my dad was in town Monday. I felt bad there aren't any curtains on the windows he slept in front of, but he seemed to like the place other than that.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Update: Barnali's bathroom is disgusting, and she's a closet Republican.

Update: Barnali has indeed seen Steve's libelous posts. Apparently, she's not dignifying the posts with a response.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Barnali is the scum of the universe.

Barnali doesn't love Jesus.

Barnali hates to be called weird nicknames like "Barnalinskomous". She has dirty toes, and her hair sometimes appears to be frizzy.

Steve begins a libel campaign against Barnali designed to force her to learn how to post to the blog if she wants to retaliate.

One of the gouramis ("Release Candidate 1") died. Release Candidate 2 seems to be doing OK, as is the pleco we bought to control the algae (named Norton like the antivirus program that keeps your computer clean). Obviously the engineers have really enjoyed naming the fish.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Tonight Ben came over and helped Jon cook the Sunday dinner. We had goat quesadillas and tequila corn. It was fantabulistic.

Some quotes:

"I appreciate the objectification." - Julie

"I am the eskimo kiss whore." - Julie

(note: Julie had two glasses of wine)

Saturday, May 08, 2004

All in all, last night's Tour De Chambre was a success.

Barnali's theme was India, and her game was Dirty Minds. Daniel's theme was The Graduate, and his game was Korean chicken fighting. Julie's theme was Tropical Island, and her game was mangos and mangos. Cezar and Melody liked it. Bree's theme was Aquarium, and her game was rotating magnetic fishing. Steve's theme was Fog Machine, and his game was spoons. Jon's theme was Naked Ladies and Dead Babies, and his game was Danish spelling.

Aki requested to have his car added to our website. So, you should all know that Aki drives a "check-out-my-ass" silver Civic. In Jon's room, Julie untied the hanging baby. In the morning, Jon's toilet was full of soap bubbles.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

The fish are gold gouramis. They are cute and I hope they don't die, but I haven't given them names yet just in case. Assuming the water is ok, Petco guarantees they will live for 15 days.

Saturday, May 01, 2004

Today was a very exciting day. We now have.... a couch, directv, tivo, and two test fish in our fishtank.

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