Monday, July 17, 2006

Plumbing disaster 

It's been a stinky weekend at Goatland. The toilet in Steve's old room backed up in some sort of nasty sewage explosion (odd, since no one has used it in months), covering the bathroom and linoleum with about a 1/4 inch of nasty sewage water. The water immediately began soaking into the carpet, and made it almost through the doorway. All the carpet in the room had to be removed. The entire room has been quarantined and covered in bleach until we can figure out what else to do. The plumber who came spent about 5 hours and $700 trying to clear whatever was blocking the pipes....yuck!

This was by far the most revolting thing that I have been near in years. When I went in to the room for the first time, the stench was overpowering and I nearly vomited.

Thank you to Art, our landlord's brother, and his whole family who graciously and quickly changed their weekend plans to help us with this.

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