Wednesday, September 20, 2006


About half of the Season Pass that I've contributed to the Goatland TiVo contains the word "star" in the title somewhere.

There other half are shows where people talk funny. I'm told those funny-sounding people are called "British".

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Thanks to everyone who came to Goatland for Festivus! The wrestling match nearly did Goatzilla in, but he has begun to recover. The pole dancing straw goats were a nice touch.

Wow, we're weird.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

What's in a name? 

In the past few weeks, it seems that the universe has decided to demonstrate that Brienne, shortened to Bree, is not an uncommon name at all. Keep in mind that I have never met another Brienne, or another Bree who spells her name like I do.

Apparently, though, not only I am not alone, but other Briennes lead VERY interesting lives!


On Sep 7, I received the following email:

"Subject: Voyages de Dominique

Hello Brie,

I have a cell phone you can call me on: 06 21 XX XX XX
Let me know about Laurie and Greg. You are my only link to Laurie so
please do not forget me. Tell me too when you get my ticket for Abbou
Dhabi and how I get it. You can contact me with that email but
Telephone is faster.

Take care,

I've blacked out the cell phone number, but 06 is the country code for the Vatican City. Someone else was cc'ed on this email - an artistic person apparently also named Brienne. I think the message was meant for her instead of me.

Then last night, I received a series of emails apparently meant for a Brienne K. who works at a day care center in Ottawa. This Brienne has been invited to appear as an extra in a movie that is filming this weekend. I have a map to the location if anyone wants to drop by - they're looking for more volunteers.

And apparently, a YouTube phenomenon known as LonelyGirl15 has been going on for months now. It features a "doe-eyed" character named Bree, with a "dorky boyfriend" named Daniel.

Maybe this kind of thing happens to the Jim Smiths of the world all the time, but it never does to me! The universe is a very strange and mysterious place.

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