Sunday, April 24, 2005

non-goat pet 

This week we had a special guest at Goatland. His name is Lucas, and Julie has been dog-sitting him since Wednesday. He goes back to his lucky owner tomorrow, so I snapped a few photos tonight...

so CUTE!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

holy goat gonads! 

Speaking of goats, this was mentioned on NPR's Fresh Air today, which talked about border radio stations from the 20's and 30's:

"The great-grandfather of shock radio, Brinkley was the first broadcaster to have his license taken away by the FCC. A down-home-sounding physician who originally built a radio station in order to entertain the patients who came to his clinic in Kansas, Brinkley offered his patients something better than Viagra. He claimed that he could counteract male impotency by transplanting goat gonads into the human scrotum. Thousands of individuals underwent the procedure in hopes of becoming, as the good doctor put it, 'the-ram-that-am-with-every-lamb.'"


Friday, April 15, 2005

I know our loyal readers have complained that we don't say enough on this blog. Rest assured, we don't say much to each other, either. Here are the last five emails I got from my housemates, word for word:

Barnali Dasverma to GoatLand

Jon McAlister to Barnali, GoatLand

Steven Young to Jon, Barnali, GoatLand
Meow. Rowr. Hisssss.

Daniel Wright to Steven, Jon, Barnali, GoatLand
<fish noises>

Jon McAlister to Daniel, Steven, Barnali, GoatLand
<pet rock noises>

Friday, April 01, 2005

So what's in that bag in the basement? 


"Georgia Rucker has owned the home since 1997 and rented it several times."
"She said she was told authorities had information that explosive material was in a crawl space of the house, which has a half-basement."
"The information so far indicates the items have been there since prior to the Oklahoma City bombing"

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