Saturday, August 26, 2006

Off-topic rant 

This awful article, which I first assumed MUST be satire, says that men shouldn't marry women with college educations and full time jobs that pay $30,000 or more. Apparently they should stick to the uneducated and underemployed, in order to avoid being dumped like the narrow-minded jerk who wrote the article.

I found a pretty good rebuttal on slate.com, which rips up the statistics that Forbes quoted pretty thoroughly. The rebuttal reads in part, "If you find yourself in the predicament of being unhappy about the income disparity within your marriage, take my advice: You're going to be unhappy about something, and if you're unhappy about this please shut up and go buy yourself a Fiji vacation." That made me smile....I need a vacation! But I'll be paying for my next one with air and hotel points, I think.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New Goat On The Block 


Monday, August 07, 2006


The biggest news of all: we will soon be welcoming a new Goat to Goatland! Watch this blog for news...

The plumbing disaster has been 85% resolved: the room has new carpet, and it is habitable again. Art (the landlord's brother) is coming one more time to try and fix the bathtub; if it doesn't work, we'll have to have another plumber come out.

Apparently the last plumber's visit caused some serious tension between the landlord and Art, because the bill was higher than she thought was reasonable. She wasn't here to see how truly disgusting and awful and NECESSARY the bill was! Hopefully Art will continue to work towards a fully functional bathroom, and not give in to the landlord's financial goals...they just raised our rent anyway, so they've made up the cost of the plumber's visit.

I finally ordered a china hutch, too, so we can stop putting our wine glasses on the ground.

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